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Video Specs Requirement

Video Specs Requirement

Video Size

You must provide video files with the following specifications


Video Ratio:       16:9

Orientation:        Landscape

Naming:              Video-0x (with dash ( - ) instead of underscore ( _ ) and x to be replaced by number, example: Video-01, Video-02, etc

File Format:        MP4

File Size:             Max 5 MB

YouTube URL

You can upload your video to YouTube and use the Youtube's URL


Upload Video

You can upload your Video via XPOmania portal by following these steps below.

STEP 1 - Login with your account to access portal

PORTAL-Login n Forgot-01.jpg

STEP 2 - Choose left menu Poster/Videos

posters videos.png

STEP 3 - Click "Add Video" button

posters videos.png
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