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  • Package includes max of 7 days LIVE event. If we utilise the max 7 days, have the event days to be consecutive or they can be split between different weekends?"
    ## We can as a goodwill. The site is live will be available on weekend. ## The days with no event, the site will be shut down because the server cost will start when it's turned on
  • How will the event site URL look like?
    It will be example:
  • When you mean 1,200 attendees, you meant 1,200 registrants?"
    ## It means this package is estimated to hold about 1200 visitors ## If you expect more visitors, you will need to upgrade your package ## Each package is sized-up (by server specs) to allocate the numbers of visitor to ensure it can handle the load
  • When a user registers, they can access the event unlimited times during the 7 days Live event, logging in and out?"
    ## Yes, they can
  • For users who did not register beforehand, as long as the registrant limit of 1,200 is not hit at a given point in time, they can register during the live event, be sent the password and be set up instantly to enter the event there and then?"
    ## Yes, they do ## For LIVE event, we assume you refer to the ZOOM WEBINAR, the current limit for Zoom Webinar is 450 attendees with 20 speakers max
  • What's the max unique log-ins to the event site will we have?
    - general admin staff ## 1 admin staff - sales consultants and exhibitors ## Each booth is max up to 2 login accounts - presenters/speakers ## Again, we are assuming you refer to the Zoom Webinar ## For Zoom Webinar is 20 speakers
  • To rehash, the 3D lobby is entirely customisable to our requirements and with animated elements?"
    ## The 3D Lobby yes. This HTML page is entirely customisable ## Animated elements are possible
  • The 3D 30 exhibitor booths are to be selected from a list of templated booths are able to be customised with branding elements?
    ## Yes. Only the branding elements. The booth design itself cannot be changed
  • Livestreaming will be hosted on a public server e.g. Zoom, and will be integrated onto the event site accordingly for both organiser/speaker and attendee access?"
    ## Yes, that's right ## Zoom webinar will be for these purposes
  • How do presenters/speakers access the event platform i.e. they will be able to log onto a built-in site dashboard where they can upload their presentation materials beforehand, and control their live session such as screen modes by themselves and also utilise the interactive chat feature on the same dashboard?"
    ## Presenters/speakers will be assigned as co-host in the Zoom Webinar ## Presenters/speakers will use their laptop to screen share their PPT etc. ## The host will queue the presenters/speakers their turn to speak ## If presenters/speakers are doing for the first time, they should have rehearsal to check the mic/camera ## If they are doing at their own premises, make sure their internet bandwidth is good
  • Can we have more than 10 sessions; is it unlimited and up to us as long as the session falls within the 7-day LIVE event?
    ## Yes, you can have more than 10 sessions ## As long as it falls within the 7-day LIVE event
  • Explain more on the difference between public vs private chats, and if there's an option to choose two private chats for some booths?"
    ## Public chat is anyone can click to join the chat (video/voice call) ## Private chat will need a passcode in order to join. Passcode will be generated and send to a visitor who request for private meeting
  • For public chat, visitors will initiate the chat and staff will respond and everyone at the booth can see the chat box and conversation?"
    ## Yes, that's right. If visitor clicked the button, the exhibitor staff needs to be logged in and online. The button will be in DISABLE status if the exhibitor is NOT READY (online/standby)
  • For private chat, is it a video call or it can be an option to choose for the visitor?"
    ## It's the same as public chat
  • Can the staff manning the private chat be allowed to go into multiple private chat rooms with multiple visitors at the same time?
    ## No. They cannot ## Staff can only be in one meeting chat at one time
  • Talk us through how will the platform support transactions on event site without moving the conversion offline e.g. customers paying a booking deposit on event-site during the private chat?
    ## This could be done by integrating your e-commerce site from this event platform ## This will need additional effort(s) ## An easier and less effort way is by putting the link directly to your e-commerce website (as a pop up)
  • Do you include Invitation to RSVP, Confirmation, "Reminder" comms pre-event and "Thank You" post-event comms? Will that be via Emails or/and SMS?"
    ## Currently, no. Invitation to event are usually send via other mass mailer tools Confirmation, Reminder comms pre-event and ## Registration confirmed, email will be triggered to re-affirmed with the registrant ## Reminder is available Thank You post-event comms? ## Yes, it is available Will that be via Emails or/and SMS? ## will be via email. Currently, there is no SMS
  • Onboarding/UAT/Trials and User Guides for event stakeholders pre-event included?
    ## We provide early access to the site 1 month (Basic), 2 months (Pro), 3 months (Premium) ## It will give you sufficient to prepare, upload content and do rehearsal before your event ## User guide can be downloaded from our website: [picture]
  • Attendee FAQs provided?
    ## You can add what you deem during the 1-3 months preparation phase
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