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Webition; a Combined Version of Webinar and Exhibition

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Webition; a Combined Version of Webinar and Exhibition

No fewer than hundreds of thousands of people have recently visited online digital trade exhibitions, sales environments, and webinars. The unfortunate spread of the virus has led many online exhibitors and visitors seeking a safe alternative to get information and insights virtually. As a result, it is a big opportunity for those whose jobs are holding seminars and exhibitions. It is actually interesting to see a combined version of a webinar and an exhibition.

More companies are investing in virtual events, webinars and exhibitions are both included. That means an opportunity is just opened up. Let's say you want to host an online event of a combined webinar and exhibition, or in short, we would call it a "webition", here are things that might come into considerations.

1. A presenter, or a speaker.

The exhibition is all about showing and presenting products that you have. Instead of only having someone who dubbed sound during the presentation and marketing, a live speaker who is ready to answer inquiries from the online audience sounds good to have. In addition, the speaker will be able to entertain and also lead the audience to have an interactive session during the ‘webition’

2. Provide more information, not just a sales promotion

People will easily get bored when listening to marketing or sales statements on and on. On webinars, the audience usually seeks information and knowledge and that's what can be explored and elaborated on when you want to get their attention.

3. People love gifts

What virtual exhibition lack is the interaction with audience. The very first purpose of combining a webinar and an exhibition is to interactively engage the audience's attention. Several ways can be done, such as providing Q-n-A session, sharing session, and of course, a certificate or gifts giving session. The audience will certainly love it.

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